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6 Perks of Having Good Posture

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“When you were younger, did your mother ever nag you for slouching and tell you to “Sit up straight!”

Yes most of us have experienced this!

Well, she sure was right…

She was setting you up for great posture But not all of us listened (oops). Here’s how good posture can help you:

Better Breathing

When you slouch, it affects your ability to breathe deeply as it shortens the front of your body

Pain Prevention

When you have good posture, the muscles do what they are designed to do – to support your spine Slouching puts unnecessary stress on muscles leading to pain in the neck, shoulders, and back

Better Digestion and Circulation

Slouching leads to compression on your stomach, intestines, and liver – interrupting the flow of digestive juices! This can lead to issues like constipation, and GERD (which are not fun! )


Good posture gives off the impression to others that you are confident! Whereas, slouching often communicates a lack of self-esteem. We all wanna rock on with confidence, right?

Energy Efficiency

Your muscles work harder when you slouch – because they’re in an unnatural position! Don’t waste your energy – start standing tall and strong!

So, by now you should be convinced that a proper posture not only looks attractive – but affects other areas of health too!

Do you struggle with maintaining a proper posture? Or do you have pain associated with poor posture?

At Tweak Health, we have a team of Physiotherapists that are committed to helping your body achieve its optimal performance, by creating a tailored treatment plan to improve your body’s posture.

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Susanna is the Founder & Director of Tweak Health.  Susanna has been a physiotherapist for over 10 years helping hundreds of patients take control of their injury with successful recoveries. Her special interests are neck, back and women’s health issues.

Susanna is a Certified Pilates Instructor and Resilience Coach. She is passionate about helping patients get back on their feet as soon as possible with holistic evidence-based treatments for optimal health and a better quality of life.  

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