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Can Alternative Medicine Be The Answer?

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Naturopathy Herbal Treatment

Are you struggling to find the answer to your illness with conventional medicine and therapy?

Wanting to improve your current health and prevent future complications? A Naturopath is your answer!

Naturopaths view a holistic approach to health, and are about working with your body to discover its own natural, self-healing ability!

Here are some reasons why you should start seeing a Naturopath

1️⃣ Treats Most Health Conditions

Naturopaths can help to detect and treat many common health conditions that are prevalent today!

These include digestive issues, cardiovascular health, hormonal imbalance, menopause, fertility, immunity, stress, sleep disorders, skin conditions, allergies, migraines and arthritis, to name a few!

2️⃣ Focus on Non-Invasive Natural Treatment

The suggested treatments are all-natural, safe, and personalised to your needs! (Free from those nasty chemicals and dru*s).

Treatments can include lifestyle, nutritional changes, and herbal supplements to strengthen the body!

3️⃣ Personalised Treatment

Naturopathy believes in a no one-size-fits-all approach!

Your Naturopath will fully investigate your concerns to tailor a treatment plan according to your goals and lifestyle.

So you can walk out feeling empowered and know you are treating your body to the help it needs!

4️⃣ Disease Prevention

It’s important to visit an Naturopath, as they can help you identify any future problems!

Your Naturopath works to pinpoint the underlying cause of a condition – by fixing the issue from the root cause, not the surface symptoms.

Preventing a disease is fortunately much easier than treating it. That’s why working with your Naturopath to understand your genetic, lifestyle, environmental factors that could affect your health is so important!

Are you interested in putting your health first? We have our very own qualified and registered Naturopath, Melanie on board!

Melanie is at our Mt Pleasant location from 9:30AM to 2PM EVERY Saturday!

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Naturopathy Mount Pleasant at Tweak Health

Melanie from Tweak Health is a qualified Naturopath, registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association. She received awards for dux and outstanding performance upon graduating.  

Melanie is trained in iridology and also has a degree in Complementary Medicine.  Melanie is passionate about herbal medicine, nutrition and holistic health. She uses quality practitioner products backed by clinical research, and customises liquid herbal formulas for each person. 

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