Recover, release, and restore.
These sessions will be tailored specifically to your body to help you recover from injuries and pain. Prevention is better than cure.
LYNO Method


Lyno Practitioner-Mount Pleasant

So what is a Lyno session?

Restore Freedom of movement and address the cause of  chronic pain and injuries

Most chronic pain and recurring injuries stem from the body’s retention of past injuries, or excessive strain, predominantly stored within the fascia. 

This causes the fascia to lock or brace.

When the mobility of the fascia is restricted, it leads to misalignment and impaired movement, ultimately causing overload and wear and tear. 

Through the Lyno method’s comprehensive full-body assessment, areas of movement restriction are identified, and the fascia is released accordingly. 

It consists of the following steps:

  1. A comprehensive subjective assessment. This is used to get as much information as possible from the client.
  2. Core functionality testing (The Bunkie Test). This allows us to clearly see where function has been lost.
  3. Range of motion testing (The FROM Test). We use 50 tests to see where your body is locked in a short position.  We release where your fascia is locked in a shortened position and retest your range of motion. We usually get immediate improvements in range unless there is a structural issue.
  4. Yellow Page Wedges are placed in your shoes if needed. They activate specific neural pathways allowing for further improvements in the core functionality tests.

Through this process, you will experience improvements in range of motion and ‘strength’. 

This will allow your body to function better and reduce wear and tear on joints, ligaments and tendons as well as reduce strain on muscles.


Plantar Fasciitis Feet pain treatment
Ease pain and discomfort

Massage works on many levels; these include the physical, psychological and emotional levels. The body, mind and spirit are inherently related and if any of these areas are affected it affects the individual as a whole. A healthy person moves between action, inaction, stress and relaxation. Massage plays a role in restoring unity and balance to the body, mind and emotions as it allows the healing process to begin.

Claire completed a sports massage course in 2014 with the goal of helping athletes enhance their performance.  The principles of sports massage can really be applied to anyone. She will also incorporate muscle activation into her massage sessions.

There are 5 main applications of sports massage:

1.       Recovery-to help the body recover after activity

2.       Remedial- to improve a debilitating condition

3.       Rehabilitation-To facilitate healing after an injury

4.       Maintenance-To help maintain optimal health

5.       Event- to help prepare (or recover) from a specific sporting event

Claire will tailor the massage according to what your body needs to achieve the best results.