Physiotherapy & Remedial Massage

At Tweak Health, we offer holistic and hands-on Physiotherapy & Remedial Massage Therapy to help you recover faster from injury or pain. We provide firm and effective treatments based on your goals.  Get started Today!

Our Clinical Approach

Whether you are experiencing pain, lack of mobility, stiffness or need to recover from an injury, our highly experienced physiotherapists are here to help you return to normal faster with holistic, evidence-based treatment.

With the goal to help you return to normal activities, find relief from pain, improve your strength, flexibility and movement.

At Tweak Health, we focus on more than just the short-term fix.  Our team of dedicated Physiotherapists take great care to identify and treat the root cause of your pain or injury with firm and effective hands-on therapy.

Our Physiotherapists can help treat many conditions to speed up the healing process and increase quality of life, including:

  • Back and knee pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Aches, sprains and injuries
  • Neurological conditions and chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, Parkinsons Disease, multiple sclerosis
  • Recovery from stroke
  • Recovery from broken bones
  • Scoliosis and spinal health
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Womens health
  • Occupational health and ergonomics

We believe in individualised care, which is why your treatment is personalised to meet your needs and unique health journey.

We are committed to helping our patients regain mobility and function, to perform at their best.


Book an Initial Consult with one of our dedicated and highly experienced Physiotherapists in Mount Pleasant, Belmont or Newman Clinic.

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We Can Help With..

These include but are not limited to:

Pain Management

Motion & Mobility

Scoliosis & Spinal Health

Ergonomic Assessment

Sports Physio

Reduce Chance Of Future Injuries

Rehabilitation, Surgery and Cancer (Pre/During/Post Surgery)

Women’s Health (Pre/Post Natal, Mums, Menopause)

Our Tweak Health clinics are conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, Belmont and Newman.

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What to Expect at Your First Physio Consult?

An initial consultation is usually a longer appointment that includes an assessment of your area(s) of concern, discussion of possible prognosis, development of a treatment plan and expected treatment timeline.

If there is a particular treatment you would like, please let us know early in the session. Please bring along any reports or scans you might have with you. 

Typically, we test to investigate and uncover the root cause of your pain or concerns. Your treatment is personalised to your needs and unique health journey.

Depending on your clinical diagnosis, our treatment plan may include hands-on physio treatments, massage, joint manipulation and mobilisation, exercise therapy and/or dry needling.

 Exercise therapy can include things like  cardiovascular stretching, posture retraining and muscle strengthening. 

To get started on your recovery journey, book and initial consult with one of our experienced Physiotherapists today!

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage is a complimentary therapy that aims to treat muscles that are knotted, tense or immobile to help repair and speed up the healing process.

Remedial massage is used to locate and treat the origin of pain which can often radiate into different parts of the body.  This type of massage deeply penetrates muscles to stimulate blood supply, make joints more mobile and help repair damaged tissues.

Remedial massage is used to treat: 

  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Headaches
  • Sports injuries or other injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatique, anxiety or depression
  • Side effects of cancer, such as lymphodema
  • Injury prevention

About Estelle

Estelle is our dedicated Remedial Massage Therapist in our Mount Pleasant clinic.

Estelle graduated in 2019 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage from the Institute of Fitness and she is currently going into her second year of Physiotherapy at Notre Dame University.

Her remedial massage work has included high profile sporting teams including the State of Origin, NRL, and BBL.

Estelle enjoys helping patients reduce their pain and improve movement patterns, as well as providing ongoing care to help sustain clients’ active lifestyles.

Estelle specialises in: 

  • Remedial Massage
  • Sport and Deep Tissue Massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Myofascial Cupping

When not studying, she loves all things gym (especially CrossFit), the beach and her dogs! Feel free to show off photos of your furry friends at you appointments!

Physiotherapy & Remedial Massage Mount Pleasant - Tweak Health


Remedial Massage Therapist - Mount Pleasant

Estelle Works on the Following Days: 

 Monday 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Fridays 8am – 12.30pm
Remedial Massage Mount Pleasant

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first visit (Initial) are usually a longer appointment of 45 minutes (with shorter 30 minutes also available) and includes an assessment of your area(s) of concern, discussion of possible prognosis, treatment plan and treatment time (which may include hands-on treatment, exercise therapy/prescription, dry needling etc). 

If there is a particular treatment you would like please do let us know early in the session. Please bring any reports you might have with you.

Subsequent sessions are normally 30 minutes but can be extended to 45 or 60 minutes if you have multiple areas of concern. Let us know when you book. Normally these would include a quick re-assessment (of your area of concern, any changes in goals or treatment direction), with more focus on treatment time/exercise the.rapy

No Dr or Specialist Referral is required to see a Physio in Australia. You can book in an appointment with us straight away!

Private health rebates are available through HICAPS system at the clinic so you can claim straight away, reducing out of pocket costs.

We accept all major funds, but unfortunately we are unable to know the exact amount you can claim back as everyone’s private health is different. If you would like know the specific amount you can get from your insurer, please contact them directly.

You can book in without necessarily having an injury! We provide assessments and treatments to help you move better than you are now!

Please note that a cancellation policy is in place. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do give us 24 hours notice or you may be charged a cancellation fee. Thank you for your consideration.

For a patient to achieve optimum benefits soon after diagnosis, practitioners recommend three visits per week initially.

However, depending on the severity of your condition, the number of times you may need to see your physio will vary.

Dry needling uses a sterile single use needle and is based on trigger point therapy – uses small needles that target the pain point areas to relieve tension by releasing trigger points (knots in muscle). 

When is dry needling recommended?

  • Help release myofascial trigger points (muscle knots)
  • Assist with pain management
  • Restore movement at a joint if limited by myofascial trigger points.

Does it hurt?
You’ll feel a mild tingly sensation as the needle inserts and withdraws. The insertion of the needle should not be uncomfortable when performed by a physiotherapist. Patients don’t report any discomfort during needle insertion.

While Physiotherapist do perform massage therapy, it’s only a small portion of the treatment we give patients. At Tweak.Health we still prioritise manual therapy and exercise prescriptions.

So, what really IS the difference between the two?


Massage therapy is commonly used for immediate relaxation of pain and muscle spasms. While they don’t actually provide primary care after injuries, they can be a part of an overall treatment plan.



Physiotherapy is geared more towards rehabilitating muscle, joint and nerve function. We work to restore the body due to an injury, disease or motion limitations. 

A physiotherapy appointment often involves an assessment followed by diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, massage therapy alone doesn’t require such things.

You may feel the need to see your massage therapist weekly as you’re not solving the root of the issue (e.g. bad posture, injuries, disease). But your Physio can help to explain the pathology or reason why your issue developed in the first place, and this has the potential to help you recover and move on💪

Needless to say, you may benefit from both, and sometimes simultaneously! Whichever you choose, make sure that it’s appropriate to what you need, and visit a qualified health professional or your local GP.