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Start Your Journey to recovery from injury, pain or illness with the help of our dedicated team of skilled practitioners in physiotherapy, pilates, remedial massage and naturopathy at our Mt Pleasant, Belmont or Newman clinic. 

Helping you return to normal faster with holistic, evidence-based treatment.

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Our holistic approach
At Tweak Health we take a holistic approach to treatment that encompasses the whole person. We recognise your individual needs and take great care to identify and treat the root cause of your pain, injury or chronic condition whilst also considering emotional, mental and social factors that impact recovery.

A message from Susanna, Founder of Tweak Health

Our Physiotherapy clinics are conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, Belmont and Newman. Along with our complimentary services in remedial massage, pilates and naturopathy.

We Successfully Treat Injury, Pain & Chronic Conditions

Is your ongoing health problem getting you down? Whether you are suffering from a work related injury, sports injury, ongoing aches and pains, or a chronic condition our highly trained Team of Physiotherapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and Naturopaths are here to help you move forward.

At Tweak Health, we understand that health can get complicated, which is why we have a holistic view towards diagnosis, treatment and maintenance. 

We perform a detailed assessment to identify the primary cause of your symptoms to establish your individual treatment goals, develop a plan of action for treatment, and an easy-to-follow home-based program for maintenance between treatments.

Our Physios who are also trained in Pilates use a firm and effective hands-on treatment style with evidence based treatments to help you build muscle and strength, repair damage, reduce stiffness, increase mobility, and prevent further injury.  

Our focus is to get you back on track as soon as possible.  We are committed to helping our patients regain mobility and function to perform at their best.

We offer a unique experience at each clinic by taking out the typical sterile clinical feel. Instead, we’ve created an environment that makes you feel relaxed and right at home from the minute you walk in.


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Physiotherapy is a recognised evidence-based treatment practice which focuses on getting your body back to its normal functioning state and better!

To assist with:

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Our clinical classes are taught by Physiotherapist's who have undergone extra training in utilising Pilates Reformer Machine's to increase performance, improve core strength, treat injuries and provide a low impact recovery. Pilates can help with:

Naturopathy Session with Mel


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the body’s capacity to heal itself. We identify and address the root cause to your health problems, rather than just treating symptoms with a band-aid approach.

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