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Our Vision, Culture & Values | Careers at Tweak Health

Tweak Health was started by Founder Susanna Tan in 2018 to offer a holistic approach to evidence-based treatment in Physiotherapy, Clinical Exercise Sessions, Naturopathy, Lyno, and Massage.

Moreover, we believe good health is more than just treating the physical body. Thus, our holistic approach includes emotional, mental, and social factors.

Consequently, our focus is to help clients regain mobility and function to perform at their best as soon as possible.

In addition, Tweak Health is an integrative team that feels welcoming rather than sterile. We create a relaxed environment for both practitioners and patients.

Furthermore, our goal is to make health and wellness accessible to the community and provide rewarding opportunities for health professionals to work together. Therefore, exploring careers at Tweak Health is an excellent opportunity to join our mission and make a meaningful impact.

Careers at Tweak Health

We have built a team of highly experienced and caring  Physios, Naturopath

to help our clients overcome their health obstacles. Additionally, we are looking to expand our services to include counseling and psychology, massage therapy, and dietetics.

At Tweak Health, we offer career advancement and diversification within Physiotherapy and the wider Health, Fitness, and Wellness Sector. Moreover, we help our staff and contractors develop their gifts and talents to reach their full potential in life and achieve work-life balance.

Furthermore, we treat our staff, contractors, and clients with equality, respect, kindness, and generosity. We aim to pleasantly surprise people with the personal touch, excellence, and beauty of our service and workspace.

Our Physiotherapy Clinics are located in Mt Pleasant, Belmont, Newman, and Wongan Hills. If you are interested in careers at Tweak Health, check this page for our current vacancies or get in touch here.

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