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Can Physiotherapy Benefit Pregnant Women?

Physiotherapy isn’t just exclusive for athletes and injury rehabilitation…

Pregnant women can benefit greatly from seeing a Physiotherapist too! 🤰

Pregnancy is a time where your body is going through some significant changes – from the obvious growing bump, but also hormonal, and postural changes which may lead to some aches and pains 😔🤕

Pregnant women may also experience their first bladder leakage when they cough or sneeze… and this all completely normal. But the best part is, we can help with that! 😌🙌🏻

You don’t even need to have a ‘problem’ to come see us, pregnant women can just come in to get to know their bodies better!

So, how can a physiotherapist help with pregnancy? ⬇️

✨ Helps treat ache and pains

A common thing most pregnant women will experience is low back pain, as well as pelvic, upper-mid back and rib pain.

We’ll help you to modify your activities, and provide exercises to help strengthen and allow you to stay active and moving throughout the pregnancy.

✨ Help to prevent leakage, existing bladder/bowel leakage with Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

✨ Help Manage Prolapse Symptoms

Prolapse feels may feel like a bulging sensation down there. This is especially common with ladies who’ve had vaginal deliveries.

✨ Check Abdominal Muscles As They Stretch Out

✨ Create an Exercise Plan

✨ Prepare for Birth and Perineal Massage

✨ Help with Post-Natal Advice

Pregnancy is such a beautiful gift, and a moment to savour in your life!👩‍🍼 At Tweak Health, our goal is to walk alongside you and support you during this exciting time of your life.

Chat with us to find out more about how we can help you! Click the link in bio or head straight to our website 😊🌱

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