Tweak Health Clinical Exercise Sessions

All our classes are taught by our experienced Physiotherapists and kept to an intimate size. Which means, we can give you the attention you need and tailor your workout to your individual health needs.

What Is Pilates?

What is Clinical Exercise Sessions?

Clinical Exercise is a form of exercise that incorporates elements of yoga, weight training, acrobatics, and gymnastics to work every area of the body.

There is a strong emphasis on posture, symmetry, and muscle lengthening to improve strength, control, and stability.

Clinical Exercise is often used by Physiotherapists as a rehabilitative tool for injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. It is a perfect complementary exercise for other forms of exercise such as gym training, running, and cycling.

Why do Clinical Exercise with Tweak Health?

Our experienced Physiotherapists are trained in Clinical Exercise Instruction, so we can modify the exercises to make them work for you and tailor them to your individual health needs.  You do not need to be flexible or strong to do Clinical Exercise with us.

How big are the group sessions?

Our Clinical Exercise sessions are taught in small intimate couples sessions, which means you can receive personalised attention to help you achieve your health goals.

Which Tweak Health Clinics offer Clinical Exercise?

Presently, we have Clinical Exercise sessions available at our Mt Pleasant Clinic.

How do I get Started?

To start with Clinical Exercise, book an initial Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.  You can do this online by selecting a Standard Initial Assessment (30mins). Alternatively, book your appointment by calling our clinic directly.

Please note that the online booking form states that this booking is for your ‘CLINICAL EXERCISE ASSESSMENT’.

Following the initial assessment, your Physiotherapist will arrange for you to attend a class with availability.

What are the Class Days/Times?

Please ring our clinic on 0405 989 107 or email us at to find out our current class timetable.

Can I claim with my private health fund for these classes?

Yes, you can claim on your private health fund if you have Physio on your cover, as long as your instructor is a Physiotherapist.

What Class Packages are available?

Couples sessions are pay-as-you-go, please see reception for details.

Please call the clinic or email us to find out more.

Clinical Exercise Sessions Mt Pleasant Clinic – Tweak Health

How Can Clinical Exercise Sessions Help?

These include but are not limited to:

Flexibility, Mobility and Posture

Build Core Strength and Lose Weight

Sculpting, Toning and Building Muscles

Injury Prevention and Resistance

Reduces Stress – Calmer and Positive Mindset

Pre and Postnatal, Mums & Bubs Classes

Rehabilitation from Injuries and/or Surgery

Reduce Chronic Pain, Body Pains and Headaches

What To Expect At Your First Session?

It can feel a little intimidating when attending Clinical Exercise for the first time. But trust us, that feeling will be gone as soon as you meet our warm and friendly Physio teacher!

At your first session, your Physio will conduct an initial posture assessment, followed by an individualised program to suit your needs. We will teach you how to safely use our Pilates machines. 

Having the option of individual or smaller group class allows for a more intimate setting to help you gain a better understanding and awareness of your body, its capabilities and limitations, and the exercises you will do.

Each session is tailored to help you achieve your goals, whether for rehabilitation purposes or to get fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following your first session, you’ll probably be sore the next day.

Clinical Exercise classes are intense. And for good reason. Pilates targets specific points of the body, like your core, that even the smallest movements can definitely make your abs burn. In time, your body will get used to this, and to be honest, it’s good to feel pain because it means your muscles are working.

Clinical exercise sessions should be part of a well-rounded fitness regime

No matter how much you enjoy it, don’t go thinking you can attend a class every day. Your body needs a day or two to recover. You can focus on other exercises like cardio or weight lifting.

We recommend 1-3 sessions a week. Pre-booking is essential as our clinical exercise sessions classes get booked out weeks in advance.

Unfortunately all health insurers no longer pay benefits towards clinical exercise sessions.

Please wear comfortable, form-fitting clothes that you can move in (e.g. active wear). 

This is for your trainer to see your movements better, and avoid getting your clothes caught in machines and other equipment.

Bring a water bottle and towel to each session.

As for the footwear, you can either go barefoot or socks with rubber detailing in the soles, so you won’t slip. 

Clinical exercise sessions is designed to challenge you, even if you’re already doing it for years. All exercises are modified to suit each student’s fitness and flexibility level.

It’s definitely not easy in the beginning, but with regular practice, and communication with your trainer, you’ll get there!

To sum up, Pilates is for everyone and is not just any method. There are different approaches to Pilates, depending on what you want to achieve—whether for rehabilitation purposes or getting fit.

There aren’t physical prerequisites to Clinical Exercise Sessions, and its benefits are certainly not gender biased. This stigma could have been led to the initial growth from female dancers and females choosing to become a Clinical Exercise Sessions instructor (which attracts more women students.) However as Clinical Exercise Sessions is becoming more popularised in fitness, more men are showing up in training programs.