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4 Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

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relieve back pain with these 4 stretches

Save and refer back to this post if you ever get back pain!

Back pain, or any sort of pain can be a struggle and effect your day to day routine…

Here we’ve listed a few simple stretches you can try out at home to get quick relief and help manage your pain!

Roll out your workout mat, or look for a soft carpeted area in your house to lay down on.

1️⃣ Extended Child’s Pose

This pose gently stretches out your glutes, thighs, and spinal extensors.

You’ll feel yummy relief from pain and tension all along your neck, shoulders and spine, and feel your lower back muscles loosen up!

2️⃣ Knee-to-Chest

This stretch will gently relax your hips, thighs, and glutes. You will also feel amazing relief through your lower back muscles too.

How to do this stretch? ⬇️

Lie down on your back. Gently pull one knee towards your chest, use your hands to hold your leg in the stretch.

3️⃣ Downward Facing Dog

In this traditional pose, you’ll relieve back pain and feel an all over body stretch!

4️⃣ Upward Facing Dog

This is the opposite of the previous stretch, you’ll feel a stretch in your chest, shoulders and abdomen area, as well as your back.

These simple, but effective stretches can work wonders for temporarily relieving back pain. Try them out next time you feel a little tension!

4 Stretches to relieve back pain by Tweak Health

If you’re still struggling with back pain, and it’s affecting your daily activities – you don’t need to live like that anymore!

Chat with us and book in a consult, our wonderful and friendly Physios can help you relieve your pain!

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Susanna is the Founder & Director of Tweak Health.  Susanna has been a physiotherapist for over 10 years helping hundreds of patients take control of their injury with successful recoveries. Her special interests are neck, back and women’s health issues.

Susanna is a Certified Pilates Instructor and Resilience Coach. She is passionate about helping patients get back on their feet as soon as possible with holistic evidence-based treatments for optimal health and a better quality of life.  

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